Elke Ruggaber

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)  (2015, The International Coach Federation)

Certified Focusing Professional  (2017, The International Focusing Institute)

Elke has been Focusing since 2013 and decided to become a coach because of Focusing. She completed a 2 year coaching program with Doug Silsbee in the Presence-Based® Coaching modality in Asheville, NC, in 2015, and then trained with Cathy Pascal in Chapel Hill, NC to complete the Focusing Certification in 2017. 

"It is my deep desire to make Focusing more widely available to coaches.  It answers the "how to" question many coaches have and is a versatile tool that can be used within many coaching modalities.  Even more, it builds on something that has become rare today: being fully present with another person."

Karen Quatsoe

Certified Focusing Trainer (2017, The International Focusing Institute)

Karen is a Focusing Teacher who brings to the practice the creative inclinations developed through her several careers in the art and design field. She has been Focusing for more than 10 years, and has completed the 2-YR. Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) program in NYC with Charlotte Howorth in 2017. She also has training in Mindfulness, Yin Yoga, and currently has a level 4 Certification in Focusing and Expressive Arts (FOAT®) with Dr. Laury Rappaport.


"Focusing is not just a series of steps to practice; a way of being in the world. This process model provides the framework needed to enable a person to be in a relationship with all the parts of themselves, even those that are most difficult. As a coach this creates an opportunity to be present for the client in a more resonant interaction that facilitates forward movement and change."

Elke Ruggaber, Personal Development Coach, MBA, ACC  

336-269-1221   aperturecoach@gmail.com