What Is Calling You?

Do you want something different in your life, but can't identify what it is? 

Are you ready for a change, but need help figuring out the next step?  

Do you have big goals, but don't know how to accomplish them? 

Do you want to work smarter, not harder, but have not quite figured out how to make that happen? 

Do you have a pipe dream, but are worried that you are not ____ enough to make it come true?

Have you been grappling with something for a while, and aren't making the progress you've been hoping for?

How about   

  • Designing your own path?

  • Making time for fun?

  • Establishing better boundaries?

  • Living a wider, deeper, and more adventurous life?

  • Making your "Pipe Dream" come true?       

  • Redefining how you measure success?

  • Befriending and learning from your Inner Critic?

  • Moving to your favorite place?

  • Examining your long held beliefs?

  • Making embodied and grounded commitments?

  • Landing your dream job?

  • Slowing down?

  • Working only with clients who delight you?

  • Finding your "yes" after a long string of "no's"?

When you work with me, you begin to see your true self and recognize your inherent capabilities. You receive tools to make your habits visible, to shed light on the stories you tell yourself, and learn how to embody your commitment.  

As the client, you are in the driver seat of where you are wanting to go with the coaching.  I will not give you the answers to your own life but will give you my passionate support every step on your way. 

Your journey will not be a pre-defined path. Instead, we are co-creating the vision of your desired outcome and clarify what might get in the way of reaching your goal - both your inner and outer obstacles.  We will make a commitment to work together: I will be an ally, sounding board, and an accountability partner; I will hold a safe space for difficult conversations.  And we will adjust and adapt and figure it all out along the way.

You will receive: 

  • A personalized coaching program tailored to your specific issue (including the purpose and intended outcomes of our coaching engagement)

  • Recommended practices and exercises to help create the desired shift

  • Private one-hour sessions:  we check on your progress, discuss new insights, and address any challenges. 

Elke Ruggaber, Personal Development Coach, MBA, ACC  

336-269-1221   aperturecoach@gmail.com